John Cole Korean War Vet 18x24 Oil on Canvas SOLD

A professional portrait painting goes far beyond photo realism, it approaches a spiritual likeness of both feature and personality.

My goal as a portrait painter is to create art that inspires the viewer to see the divinity that shines through each human soul.

The Process

Consultation and review of reference material will take place before a portrait will be considered.*  Items of discussion will include size considerations, composition and background treatments, as well as time constraints.

After reviewing and agreeing upon primary reference photos and composition a non-refundable deposit of one half the total commission price will be required before the painting can be started.

As the oil painting nears completion, the client will be encouraged to give any feedback about the work to ensure satisfaction.  Final payment for the portrait will be accepted only after client approval.

*To ensure that the artwork meets client expectations it is necessary that high quality reference material be provided.  Some photographs do not offer enough visual information to create a convincing portrait.  The artist will need to review available reference materials before any commission project can be accepted.  Where possible the artist will prefer to take his own photo reference

Portrait Fees

Pricing will vary depending on the size of the painting, number of subjects, how much of the subject is to be included, complexity of the background, etc.

Prices do not include framing costs.

Portraits in oil

Basic 11x14 "head and shoulder" poses with loose backgrounds start at $2,000.

Portraits in Charcoal or Graphite

Monochrome charcoal or graphite portraits start at $500.

To discuss details, and to receive a more specific commission estimate, please contact the artist.

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